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License IB Swarovski®

EXCLUSIVE EDITION embellished with Swarovski® crystals

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Swarovski is the premium brand for the finest crystal embellishments since 1895. It is recognized for its innovative excellence and its collaborations with top-class designers and brands in the fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design and lighting industries across the globe. Available in a myriad of colors, effects, shapes, and sizes, crystals from Swarovski offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration and are produced according to the innovative, lead-free* Advanced Crystal standard.
* Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % lead or less.

Crystals from Swarovski® is the exclusive brand, for the partners of Swarovski, which embellish their products exclusively with Swarovski® crystals, following strict production criteria. Crystals from Swarovski®, in their myriad of colours, offer jewellery designers a palette of inspiration and impart glamour to everything, they can be recognised by the "Swarovski® Seal", this serves as a certificate of authenticity for products with genuine Swarovski® crystals. The certificate applies only to brands who exclusively use Swarovski® crystals for their products and exhibit high quality.


Licence EXCLUSIVE EDITION Official IB Partner Swarovski

EXCLUSIVE EDITION Ingredient Branding Partner Swarovski®

..... every EXCLUSIVE EDITION jewel is thought to give joy to all our customers through
the elegance, the refinement and timelessness with Swarovski® crystals .....



License IB Swarovski

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